Central Office

5440 Morehouse Dr, Suite 1000
San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: (858) 684-3080
FAX: (858) 684-3181
Email: msande@harmoniumsd.org

For PrimeTime Questions
Email: ptenrollment@harmoniumsd.org Or Call: 858-225-8299

For Klassic Kids Questions
Email: kgonzalez@harmoniumsd.org Or Call: 858-603-9215

Staff Directory

Administrative Office

Rosa Ana Lozada, LCSW rlozada@harmoniumsd.org
Chief Executive Officer

Carole Steele csteele@harmoniumsd.org
Chief Programs Officer

Tai Nguyen tnguyen@harmoniumsd.org
Director Of Finance

Melissa Sande | msande@harmoniumsd.org
Human Resources Director

Children’s Before and After School Programs

PrimeTime Program Managers

Joey Montorsi | jmontorsi@harmoniumsd.org

Laura Varney| lvarney@harmoniumsd.org

PrimeTime Enrollment

PT Enrollment | ptenrollment@harmoniumsd.org

Klassic Kids Licensed Program Manager

Kristen Gonzalez | kgonzalez@harmoniumsd.org

Community Behavioral Health Programs

Family Youth Partner Program (FYPP) Program Manager

Nikoo Sadatrafiei | nsadatrafiei@harmoniumsd.org

Youth Development Programs

Juvenile Diversion Program and Youth Entrepreneurial and Education Program (YEEP) Program Manager

Yasmin Souza | ysouza@harmoniumsd.org

Note: For employment verification please email your request, along with signed release, to NicoleMarie Carter  (ncarter@harmoniumsd.org) or fax it to 858-207-6936 (Attn: Nikki)

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