Greetings to Our Harmonium Community,

I am fortunate to serve as the CEO of Harmonium, an organization that believes so strongly in the value of relationships, the strengths of families, and the commitment of our Staff.

Since 1975, Harmonium has been a thriving agency with an impressive range of programs that serve our San Diego families. Grounded in listening to the needs of the community, Harmonium has created a wide array of innovative and customized programs serving over 30,000 children, youth, and families annually throughout San Diego County. From our inception, we have been dedicated to advancing equity and inclusion. We recognize that this is a long term commitment and hold steadfast to pursuing this journey.

Our work is anchored by our Mission: To provide quality services that advance well-being in children, youth, and their families through environments and relationships that are safe, nurturing, and respectful. That is why we continue to strive toward excellence by ensuring that services are consistent with best practice models, establishing clearly defined goals with measurable outcomes, and upholding quality assurance standards.

I extend a sincere thank you to our Families for trusting us to continue providing quality care albeit virtually during COVID-19, to our collaborative Partners that support our holistic service approach, and to our wonderful Staff that have remained dedicated to serving our families.

I look forward to our continued work together as we collectively inspire a sense of unity and hope throughout our communities.


Rosa Ana Lozada, LCSW, IFMHS, RFP II
Harmonium, CEO