Harmonium recognizes and welcomes the unselfish dedication that volunteers contribute to the non-profit community. Our Volunteers for Harmonium program engages over 500 eager San Diegans each year in group team building projects, internships and mentorships, child care assistance, and administrative tasks that combined fulfill a vital lifeline within Harmonium’s mission to provide services that promote wellbeing for children and their families.

Within the diversity of our programs we have a vast variety of placement opportunities for volunteers. We do our best to take the skills and time you have to offer and put them in the best place that will provide an enriching and positive relationship between you and our staff and those who we serve. Volunteers for Harmonium has been recognized as an outstanding program by the San Diego Volunteer Community and we pride ourselves with the ongoing relationships we have made with businesses, colleges and universities, and community service groups.

Join in the Volunteer Spirit. Find out how you can help.


If interested in volunteering, call (858) 684-3080


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